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The Engine Songs: the drumming V8

14 December 2022
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Only 3.3 seconds to take the Urus Performante to one hundred kilometers per hour. Just 2300 rpm for it to unleash 850 Nm of torque. And a simple click on the sound system to tune the pounding sound of Lamborghini’s Super SUV with the twenty-four new tracks of The Engine Songs, the compilation created to transform engine vibrations into song.

Following the launch on Spotify of the two playlists tuned to the Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimae’s V12 and the Huracán Tecnica’s V10, the celebration in music of Lamborghini’s internal combustion engines continues. The new chapter is dedicated to the Urus Performante’s eight-cylinder engine with its “deep and rhythmic” sound, as defined by music producer Alex Trecarichi and Mauro Mautone, NHV whole vehicle coordinator of the House of Sant’Agata, featured in the video interview series The Engine Songs: Let’s Talk.

“To create the playlist, I started from an analysis of the essential frequency of the engine,” explains Trecarichi. “In the case of the Urus, the parameter that registered was 50 hertz, corresponding to the fundamental vibrations of a drum kit. As an important part of the playlist, it had to be represented by the rhythm.”

Applying Fourier Transform formulas and with the help of artificial intelligence, for the third time the three expressive stages of the Urus 8-cylinder engine (idle, cruising, and top speed) found their corresponding sound, for a total of 24 tracks to be listened to while accelerating, downshifting, cornering and braking to increase the driver’s sensations of engagement and gratification that are studied in the utmost detail for Lamborghini engines.

At the lowest rpm, the Urus Performante’s engine sings in C, the same key as Gabriel Dominguez’s Afro mix “Un gitano perdido”. At 4000 rpm, the vibrations tune to G, from which emanates the soul of “Boogie Fever”. At 7000 rpm rises the syncopated C-sharp of White Lies and their song “Is My Love Enough”.

An “engine and music” pairing interpreted by the Lamborghini sound engineers based on the principles of psychoacoustics, the science that straddles subjective emotion and physics that can transform the experience behind the wheel into feeling and imagination.

“Driving the Urus Performante with our music playing in the background makes you want to set off and head north, with no specific destination,” fantasizes Trecarichi. 

“I, on the other hand, imagined a rally track deep in the United States. Having fun behind the wheel with my best friends,” echoes Mautone.

Applied psychoacoustics and emotions, then. For a waking dream that the 666 CV of the Urus Performante, unleashed together with the third volume of The Engine Songs, turns into reality.


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