Lamborghini Winter Driving Experience Goes to Aspen

13 Febrero 2020

To drive a Lamborghini on the racetrack is to experience the extraordinary machine in its natural habitat. Drivers at the Esperienza Accademia Neve winter driving course in January and February took that sensation to cool extremes, pushing the Lamborghini Huracán EVO supercar and Urus Super Sport Utility Vehicle to their limits on a track topped with ice and snow.

The fun and instructional program is the most anticipated event each season, this time taking place in two sessions at the jet-setting skiing destination of Aspen, Colorado—a city renowned for its breathtaking Rocky Mountain views as well as its upscale scene. VIP guests of Lamborghini delighted in slaloms and drifts on the frozen course at Aspen Motorsports Park, and advanced their winter driving skills by bounding through this icy setting alongside professional motorsports instructors. 

This prized experience among Lamborghini owners certainly sees its participants still reflecting on tales from the days’ adrenaline-fueled events…

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