Lamborghini Esperienza Accademia Neve

18 Noviembre 2021
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The Lamborghini initiative Esperienza Accademia Neve in Livigno has been the point of reference worldwide for on-ice driving courses since 2012. The three-day, action-packed experience allows participants to learn to handle Lamborghini vehicles in low-grip situations, all under the expert guidance of professional Lamborghini instructors.

The famous Livigno Ice Track is especially suitable for the task, with its many different areas designed for specific exercises and a large amount of space that allows a pure Lamborghini four-wheel drifting experience in full safety conditions. 
The exclusive program also includes a luxurious stay at the Hotel Lac Salin Spa & Mountain Resort in Livigno, a five-star accommodation facility that adds lifestyle prestige to the entire experience. 

A new season of the program is scheduled to begin in February 2022. The ice track will see Lamborghini Huracán STO for the first time.

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