Lamborghini’s New Trail: Environmental Statement

18 May 2020

Lamborghini has issued the 2019 Environmental Statement, which gives an overview of the environmental projects set up by the Company, including the use of renewable energy, reducing CO2 emissions, and protecting biodiversity. As the first and only EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) certified automotive company in Italy, this underscores the importance for us of pursuing industrial development that takes into account the community and the wider environment. Safeguarding them is the focus of all our actions, and through our work we seek to serve as a model for the whole community. 

2019 was definitely the year that gave us our greatest number of achievements. Deliveries to customers all over the world increased by 43%, jumping from 5,750 to 8,205 vehicles, a new record-breaking result as we fuel our growth on a global scale. Our commitment to the environment is still strong, too. As a Company, we feel a responsibility to make a major and tangible contribution to the crucial issue of sustainability by means of product and process innovation. We strive to be sustainability trailblazers by developing cutting-edge technologies and virtuous processes that enable us to manage our impact, avoid waste, keep consumption in check, and prevent pollution.

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