Показатели расхода топлива и эмиссии Huracan Performante - Расход топлива в комбинированном цикле: 15 mpg


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Luciano De Oto, Head of Advanced Composites Research Center & Body Structures Engineering, talks about Forged Composites®, the material of the future: from inspiration from the world of aeronautics, to Lamborghini's idea of applying this material to the world of automobiles.

Mr. De Oto not only discusses a new material, but also tells a story of ambitious challenges that have turned Lamborghini into the leading automaker in the research and development of carbon on the international automotive scene.

But there's more: research is continuing and, as Mr. De Oto points out in this interview, the upcoming development of Forged Composites® will enable future Lamborghini vehicles to achieve a level of performance that's hard to imagine.