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Lamborghini Urus Pearl Capsule: New Colors for New Adventures

17 июня 2020

Lamborghini Urus in the new design edition, Pearl Capsule, is ready to make you feel the thrill of new experiences and adventures while perfectly expressing your personality as you will be able to choose from an updated standard color palette and a continuously expanding range of special colors, as well as further interior customization offered by Lamborghini Ad Personam.

Inimitable style: new pearl colors and details

Inimitable style and exhilarating performance come together with the assertive two-tone exterior embracing Lamborghini’s traditional high-gloss four-layer pearl colors of Giallo Inti, Arancio Borealis and Verde Mantis in combination with high gloss black roof, rear diffuser, spoiler lip and other details. The sporty matt gray tailpipes are complemented by 23” high-gloss black rims with body color accent. The interior trim is based on a unique two-tone color combination, featuring the hexagon-shaped upholstery stitching Q-Citura with logo embroidery on the seat, plus carbon fiber and black anodized aluminum details. Available exclusively on the Pearl Capsule, the optional fully-electric seat features airy perforated Alcantara for exceptional comfort. 

Paint shop: artificial intelligence for more color choices

The Urus Pearl Capsule is available on Urus model year 2021 as well as an extended range of colors and features following the first full year of Urus production in 2019. Lamborghini’s opening of its dedicated on-site paint shop in 2019, incorporating benchmarking Artificial Intelligence applications alongside combined craftsmanship and technologies, extends the potential and volume for exclusive color choices. As well as the new pearl colors in yellow, orange and green, reflecting the customer demand for sporty and vibrant Lamborghini exteriors, a new metallic gray Grigio Keres, dedicated to the Urus, has joined the elegant color palette along with a range of various matt colors in black, gray, blue and white, available through Ad Personam. 

Words from Chairman & CEO Stefano Domenicali

“The Lamborghini Urus has attracted an extremely diverse clientele since its launch, with exceptionally varied lifestyles,” said Automobili Lamborghini Chairman and CEO Stefano Domenicali. “Nearly 80% of those customers, of which around 10% are women, are new to the Lamborghini brand, enjoying the versatility of their Urus whether for business, family outings or of course, leisure time where the luxury, emotive performance and either sporty or elegant nature of the Urus is so prescient. The colors preferred by owners have varied enormously, with a strong mix of more understated choices as well as traditional sporty Lamborghini colors. 

“The next step for the Urus, appealing to a broad client base looking to continue their adventures everywhere from the city to the sand dunes, from the countryside to ski resorts, is to extend our Super SUV’s features and customizability: Lamborghini’s Ad Personam program and Lamborghini colors are an integral aspect of our brand. The new options allow Urus owners to choose exteriors and interiors reflecting their personality, lifestyle, and their chosen adventures in the Urus.” 

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