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Познакомьтесь с новой моделью Huracán STO, используя видеоролики, фото-реалистичные изображения суперкара и многое другое, чтобы ощутить наслаждение и восторг от созерцания каждой детали последнего творения Lamborghini V10.

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Join us for the thrilling final of Lamborghini’s The Real Race

The Real Race, Lamborghini’s first ever global eSports competition has reached its electrifying finale. 

On Thursday 24th September, the 12 finalists from 5 action-packed qualifying rounds will battle for a place on The Real Race podium and the prize of a 3-day Lamborghini experience with the chance to drive a real Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo.

The qualifiers alone have attracted 1.5 million viewers, so make sure you don’t miss this high-octane final, hosted by racing legends and featuring the best sim racers in the world. 

The action starts at 20.30 (CET) and to join the fun, just click here.

The Real Race: more than a game.