Показатели расхода топлива и эмиссии Aventador SVJ - Расход топлива в комбинированном цикле: 11 mpg

Ad Personam Aventador SVJ: unique in every detail


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Aventador SVJ, the Lamborghini that holds the record on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife circuit, is dressed in exclusive Viola Aletheia, an Ad Personam metallic paint that makes this car truly unique. The purple associated with Lamborghini is a color that brings to mind the famous Cosmic Girl, the Diablo that starred in the video of the same name by Jamiroquai in 1996. This SVJ is entirely different, but no less exclusive. 

It might be the 770-CV V12 that chomps at the bit behind the passengers or the thrill you feel when you open the “scissor doors”, but this SVJ conveys a uniqueness in a class by itself. Climbing aboard, you see some of the many personalization possibilities offered by the Ad Personam program expressed in the “Venere” (Venus) configuration, like the way the stitching that connects the interior elements highlights the contrasting details in Blu Sideris (blue) and Bianco Leda (white) leather. A mixture of colors that perfectly echoes the Viola Aletheia exterior, enlivening the black Alcantara leather of the interiors.  

So much beauty makes you want to do just one thing: get behind the wheel!

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