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  • View from below of a technician under a car perched on a lift.


Automobili Lamborghini operates all over the world with over 150 assistance centers in more than 54 countries to provide you with total support whenever and wherever you need it. Find your nearest center.

A technician is seen working on the center console. Cropped rear end view of a white Lamborghini being serviced in the workshop, its lights on

The original accessories by Automobili Lamborghini are specially crafted to help you take the most optimal care of your Lamborghini, as well as to give it a special touch that makes it even more unique. Based on your needs, you'll be able to choose from a wide range of safety, care, interior, exterior, sports and multimedia accessories.
There are countless ways to show how much you care about your Lamborghini. Discover all the accessories that perfectly combine quality, functionality, and design.

Original accessories: Close-up of yellow brake calipers