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The Engine Songs: the “Voice” of the V10

21 11月 2022

Following the launch on Spotify of the first playlist tuned to the 12-cylinder engine of the Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimae, the new music generated by Huracán Tecnica has arrived. This V10 features constant and natural progression able to inundate all of the vehicle’s particles with aggressive vibrations.

Once again in collaboration with music producer Alex Trecarichi and the team of Lamborghini sound engineers, the second volume of The Engine Songs is the new selection of 24 tracks to listen to while the Tecnica’s ten cylinders unleash its full ascension, from the lowest speeds to the highest ones.

“Feelings of relaxation and light-heartedness: this is what the music selection inspires,” explained Trecarichi in the second episode of The Engine Songs: Let’s talk V10 video interviews. “It is a compilation of electronic music that brings to mind friends, weekends and fun.”

It is all in harmony with the principles of psychoacoustics, a science lying between sound physics and pure emotion that is applied at Lamborghini during the concept stage of all the engines, with repeated tests on the song of the prototypes made inside a futuristic semi-anechoic chamber installed at Sant’Agata Bolognese.

“The sound experience at the wheel of a Huracán Tecnica is immersive and fun to drive-oriented,” explained Mario Mautone, Lamborghini NVH wholevehicle coordinator. “The sensation is that of driving a spyder with the roof down, although being protected inside the passenger compartment.”

Therefore, from the ground to the sky. Towards which two harmonious music pieces rise up: that of the cylinders and that of the sound system, identified by Mautone and Trecarichi by calculating the vibrations unleashed by the engine and the corresponding musical note, according to science.

So, all that is left is to accelerate. Reaching 164.81 hertz and looking for Corey Taylor and his Black Eyes Blue on The Engine Songs. Who plays in E Major exactly like Huracán Tecnica when it emits its full voice at 8000 rpm.


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Huracán Tecnica の燃費とCO2排出量*; 複合モードによる燃費: 15 mpg