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The “2019 Tour d’Elegance” enchants Japan


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Seeing extraordinary Lamborghinis pass through incredible landscapes like those of Kyoto can give the observer incomparable thrills. It is the spectacle that the 2019 Tour d’Elegance offered, which allowed lovers of classic cars taking part in the Kyoto Concours d’Elegance to enjoy a matchless experience. Two Lamborghini Isleros, a 25th Anniversary Countach and an LM002 paraded down 550 km of roads along the coasts of the Seto Inland Sea. Joining them were also several Urus models and the “Best of Show”, the very rare white Lamborghini 3500 GTZ.

The Tour started off from the Nijō Castle in Kyoto, the ancient imperial residence on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, brightly colored during the season when the cherry trees are blooming. The immortal vehicles then crossed the 13.1 km of the Great Seto Bridge to arrive on the islands of Shikoku and Awaji, observing from above another marvel of the area, the famous Naruto whirlpools.

Travelling through Japan, savoring its history, cuisine and tradition, offers the unique thrill of travelling through time in that mixture of tradition and the present that only Asia is able to offer. A perfect introduction to “Lamborghini & Design - Concorso d’Eleganza” organized by the Lamborghini Polo Storico that will be held between 19 and 21 September in Italy. The backdrop of the Concorso will be Venice and the beauties of 300 km of coastal views all the way to Trieste.

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