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Terzo Millennio: a view of the future


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The Lamborghini Terzo Millennio is famous for its incredibly futuristic lines that make it an authentic masterpiece of automotive design. But what are the technological solutions being researched by the Lamborghini R&D department in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that might make the dream of a totally electric Lamborghini come true one day? 

The challenge of a visionary design

The Lamborghini Centro Stile designed the Terzo Millennio by radically revising the proportions and weight distribution with the goal of maximizing aerodynamic performance, styling and the thrill of driving. However, this time - thanks to the motors housed in the wheels and the absence of lithium batteries - the monocoque can contain only the energy accumulation system and the two seats, giving the car its characteristic racing set-up. The result is a streamlined and lightweight design with front openings that optimize the air flows and the large Y-shaped headlights that make it iconic.    

Energy storage systems

The Terzo Millennio introduced an innovative technology then featured in the Sián FKP 37: supercapacitors. With their high efficiency both in accumulating and discharging the power, the supercapacitors store a quantity of power per kg much higher than the normal Li-ion batteries, thus recovering the potential energy dissipated when braking and discharging it instantaneously to get incomparable boosts.

Functional and innovative materials 

To support the electrical revolution, the external materials in carbon fiber have aesthetic, aerodynamic and structural as well as energy storage functions. The study of the Terzo Millennio bodyshell panels also included the possibility to include nanofillers, actually making them part of the battery and supercapacitor system. Materials were also designed to develop the concept of self-repair in the future, eliminating the risk of small fractures spreading in the carbon structure adopting micro channels filled with chemical compounds.

Electric propulsion worthy of a super sports car

The thrill of driving a Lamborghini is based on the incredible power of its engines that, together with four-wheel drive, return extreme handling and the fun of driving. The choice of the electric concept fell on introducing motors in the four wheels in order to allow the Terzo Millennio to retain permanent all-wheel drive, high torque and the possibility to transmit the electricity through wiring, thus reducing occupied space, the weight, and providing freedom for the design of shapes and aerodynamics.

Anticipating the future is a feature of Lamborghini DNA, and the Terzo Millennio is a Design Concept that projects the thrills of the super sports cars produced in Sant’Agata into the era of the electric revolution.