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Lamborghini Sián’s Smart Material System: How it works

The Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 and Sián Roadster feature real material magic, also known as the Lamborghini Smart Material System. The LSMS is installed on the rear side dominated by the hybrid super sports car’s incredible rear wing. Here’s how it works.

Ugo Riccio, Head of the Aerodynamics of Sián Coupé and Roadster and Coordinator of the System development explains: “This patented mechanism uses shape memory alloy to activate four flaps, improving the thermal performance of the car when necessary. The word ‘necessary’ is not accidental. It is used because this system is completely autonomous without the use of Electr(ON)ics , and is able to open and close the flaps according to thermal status of underhood and the aerodynamics needs. But how did we do this? We used for the first time on a super sports car Passive Shape Memory Alloys, a metal with a thermal memory, which changes its chemical structure and its status according to the temperature. We used it to generate movement – a linear one, not in rotation. It helps save weight because it doesn’t need hydraulic, electric or mechanical actuation.”

“At the moment we are using this material to open and close the air outlet on the engine cover, and it allows us to manage the heat generated in this area without increasing the weight of the car. In the future these materials will be further integrated in both passive and active mode to other new and unpredictable functions which will be revealed in time. Especially when you remember that the car uses supercapacitors,” adds Paolo Mazzelli, Project Leader for the ‘few-off’cars and the man who managed the development of the Sesto Elemento, Veneno and Centenario.

It really seems like the only limit is the imagination…

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