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Lamborghini is Top Employer 2020

30 Janvier 2020

To guarantee an exclusive product, you need people who are engaged and motivated, and Automobili Lamborghini has long espoused this philosophy. For the seventh consecutive year, the company has been awarded the prestigious “Top Employer Italia 2020” certification by the Top Employers Institute, a global certification body for companies of excellence that offer the highest quality standards to their employees.

The period of major expansion and change following the launch of the Urus Super SUV led to the introduction of innovative projects aimed at supporting the values of diversity and inclusion. 

The company considers each employee to be a unique mix of passions, desires and needs, and in order to develop the maximum motivation, we promote continuous exchange and idea-sharing with and among our people. 

In terms of our gender policies, Lamborghini guarantees equal pay for employees of all genders with equal qualifications and duties, and with the renewal of the supplementary contract, we have introduced numerous initiatives in favor of equal parenting, which also financially reward new mothers with an increase in the supplementary allowance during the optional maternity leave period. 

As regards corporate social responsibility, we promote volunteer projects involving the humanitarian NGO Emergency. In terms of sustainability, the company has launched a number of campaigns aimed at promoting greater knowledge and culture on the subject, from the company restaurant that is now plastic-free to the collaboration with the Climate Reality Project, a non-profit organization involved in education and advocacy related to climate change.

Umberto Tossini, Chief Human Capital Officer of Automobili Lamborghini, commented: “The Company can represent a frontier of social innovation and provide a service to the community and the country, guaranteeing its people opportunities for personal and professional growth as well as the redistribution of resources towards welfare and family support services. All this in a framework in which the individual search for meaning merges with the collective sense of belonging to the organization”.

Our employees are the heart and soul of Automobili Lamborghini, and we take care of them every day. Because in order to take care of your customers, you have to start with your employees. 

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