Urus in Pills: “Active Lifestyle”

25 Enero 2019

Urus is incredibly easy to handle in every road condition, and on different terrains and surfaces. Thanks to the Off-Road Package and a dedicated All-Terrain Tire suitable for the lightweight forged Asterope 21” rim, the Urus is able to provide a comprising dynamical offer that allows every obstacle to be approached and all driving challenges it meets to be overcome.

The Urus equipped with the Off-Road Package is immediately distinguishable because of its specific exterior design, steel reinforcement on the bumpers and dedicated brushed steel tailpipes. 
The specifically designed bumpers with stainless steel skid plates further enrich the Urus exterior design with a good-looking detail and extend the vehicle’s usability in off-road use owing to their improved robustness and higher approach and departure ramp angles.

With the Off-Road Package, the Urus can be lifted further, increasing the overall vehicle height range to the astonishing level of 90mm and the max ground clearance up to 248mm (further 35mm vs. max height of the car w/o Off-Road package).

The higher approach angle of 27.9° (vs. 20.3° of the base car) and departure angle of 28.3° (vs. 26.8°) when the vehicle is lifted to maximum height in combination with the metal underbody protection offers faster climbing on steep slopes and maximum obstacle overtake without any concern for safety. In this way, Lamborghini is experienced as fun to drive on new roads and with new possibilities.

Off-Road Modes are also included in this package, expanding the Urus driving modes up to 6 from the 3 normally available on a Lamborghini sports car. The two additional driving modes, TERRA and SABBIA, enable Urus to perfectly adapt itself to every situation, whether on-road or off-road, on city or curvy roads or even on racetracks, on grass or mud, sand or snow.

Specifically, in SABBIA mode the Urus reveals maximum car performance and is fun to drive while driving on dunes, sand or gravel surfaces, and is great for dune surfing even on the highest slopes. 
In TERRA mode, the Urus is amazingly easy to drive and comfortable and permits maximum obstacle overtake for improved safety even on very rough off-road surfaces.

Thanks to the Off-Road Package, the world’s first Super Sport Utility Vehicle is not only the fastest vehicle on the road, but is also tremendously fast and confident off-road as well, opening up new roads to the Lamborghini fun-to-drive experience.

Superior visibility is further guaranteed in all weather and road conditions by ensuring precise washing of the windshield, the headlamps and the rear view camera. The Washing Package provides advanced cleaning performance, especially useful when off-road, and it even reduces water consumption.

With the practical Roof Rails, reaching that unexplored beach with your own canoe, discovering unexpected paths with your bike or climbing up to the most inaccessible snowy peaks with all the skiing and snowboarding equipment you need has never been so exciting.

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