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Lamborghini puts its signature on a unique triathlon bike


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Automobili Lamborghini joined forces with Cervélo Cycles to create the Cervélo P5X Lamborghini edition in limited series that was unveiled at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show.

When two companies such as Automobili Lamborghini and Cervélo Cycles that share a common passion for engineering excellence and a commitment to research and development extend their brands, it comes as no surprise that the result of their partnership is the fastest and most technologically advanced triathlon bike of all time. 

The iconic Lamborghini design immediately stands out. The yellow topcoat and Y-shaped patterning on the frame and fork of the P5X denote the artwork of the renowned Centro Stile, the innovative studio that further enhanced the House of the Raging Bull’s statement of style with the Aventador and Huracán series. 
Uniqueness continues beyond what meets the eye: over 180 hours of wind-tunnel testing honed the aerodynamically integrated storage, the unprecedented micro-adjustability, and the unparalleled aero performance of this limited-edition speed machine.

“Our Lamborghini Accademia drivers have been training on Cervélo for some time now, so we already know how special, and how fast, these bikes are,” said Katia Bassi, Lamborghini’s Chief Marketing Officer. “With elite performance, outstanding design and innovation, this collaborative project was a natural fit for both brands.”