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Interview on the move: mechanics on the Urus line

23 Julio 2021

Ever since he was a young boy, Francesco has had a passion for engines, cars and motorbikes passed on by his grandfather, with whom he spent his summers in the countryside.

His adventure at Lamborghini began in 2017 as a mechanical assembler on the Huracán Line, and afterwards he moved to the Urus Line where he has always assembled the mechanical part. Two years ago Francesco embarked on a university path majoring in business administration, a choice guided by his conviction that this course of studies can offer him many job opportunities and new career openings at Lamborghini. The company has always backed Francesco’s decision by allowing him to work shifts.

During his leisure time, Francesco devotes himself to motorcycling, another of his great loves in life that lets him savor the thrill of speed



Urus S: Concentrate of Elegance and Power

Valores de consumo de combustible y emisiones de Urus*; Consumo de combustible en ciclo combinado: 14 mpg