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  • Urus Lamborghini
Urus Lamborghini


A super sports car soul and the functionality typical for an SUV: this is Lamborghini Urus, the world’s first Super Sport Utility Vehicle. Identifiable as an authentic Lamborghini with its unmistakable DNA, Urus is at the same time a groundbreaking car: the extreme proportions, the pure Lamborghini design and the outstanding performance make it absolutely unique. Urus’ distinctive silhouette with a dynamic flying coupé line shows its super sports origins, while its outstanding proportions convey strength, solidity and safety. Without a doubt the factors at the heart of Urus’ success are advanced design, extraordinary driving dynamics and thrilling performance. All these features allowed Lamborghini to launch a Super Sport Utility Vehicle remaining loyal to its DNA.
Urus conveys its utmost versatility also in its design, which meets the requirements of a wide variety of customers with Style packages, exterior details in carbon fiber or the Off-Road package.

A profile view of a yellow Urus captured amidst a rocky landscape. A profile view of a yellow Urus captured amidst a rocky landscape.


A distinct Lamborghini engine sound, coupled with traits of a sports car and SUV, provide the driver with a uniquely emotional experience. With its strong personality, pure design and absolute sportiness, Lamborghini Urus is one of a kind. The world’s first Super Sport Utility Vehicle is easy, safe and fun to drive, thanks to its ANIMA (Adaptive Network Intelligent MAnagement) Selector that delivers pure driving emotions and new specific settings for the best driving dynamics. Urus is a versatile car perfectly suited for everyday driving, but it also provides the distinct engine sound, all of the thrill and the high performance of a real Lamborghini.


Lamborghini Urus has a cutting-edge, distinct and streamlined design with multiple souls: sporty, elegant and off-road. Its muscular surfaces make it appear strong and self-secure, while the mixed tires allow a luxury super sports car look. All the surfaces are designed with a clear attention to functionality. Some Lamborghini details and iconic shapes can be immediately recognized at first glance, such as the “Y” and the hexagon elements, the front bonnet with center peak and the cross lines on rear door. The extreme proportions and the single silhouette line make Urus a real Lamborghini. Furthermore, its proportions are unique since it is the lowest SUV  in its class. Urus design took inspiration from the heritage of the LM002 in regard to the power dome showing the position of the engine and the significant diagonal lines, while the frameless doors recall the iconic Marcello Gandini line.

Urus Lamborghini Urus Lamborghini Urus Lamborghini
Urus Lamborghini


In the Lamborghini Urus interior, luxurious Italian craftsmanship meets state-of-the-art technology. The aeronautic design and the driver-oriented instrument concept with three TFT screens (one for the instruments, one for infotainment and one for comfort functions, including virtual keyboard feature with hand-writing recognition) put the driver’s needs at the forefront and make the overall experience more comfortable and enjoyable. The dashboard architecture follows the “Y” theme inspired by iconic Lamborghini models. The interior can be customized, starting from the five-seater architecture with bench seat, or four seats with two individual back seats, and be made even more elegant or sportier, through the selection of different kinds of colors and materials, such as: natural leather, Alcantara®, wood finish, aluminum or carbon – with the option for further sophistication on select materials through contrast stitching or Q-citura. Urus features the largest range of options ever presented on a Lamborghini , with multiple souls converging to create a unique vehicle. Furthermore, Lamborghini Urus is the first five-seater super sports car.

  • Lamborghini Urus is equipped with state-of-the-art of vehicle dynamics technology. It provides the most comprehensive standard driving dynamics equipment in the SUV segment. Urus ensures the best performance in every situation while also attaining the best weight-to-power ratio in the entire SUV segment, mainly thanks to its best-in-class driving dynamics with a unique, outstanding and completely adaptable package: 4-wheel-steering, 4-wheel-drive system with active rear torque vectoring, adaptive air suspension with active dampers, a roll stabilization system with continuous and immediate response, carbon ceramic brakes and rims up to 23" with mixed tires.


    Lamborghini Urus integrates a V8 bi-turbo engine with a maximum power output of 478 kW / 650 HP, the best weight-to-power ratio on the SUV market. For this reason, Urus’ performance level is unrivalled. The 8-gear automatic transmission, together with the permanent 4-wheel drive system with active torque vectoring, enable the driver to perform exceptionally on every occasion and in every situation. Urus can be enjoyed whether in the city, on the racetrack, on a snowy mountain, on gravel country roads or in the desert. The torque is directed mainly to the rear axle, so that the general dynamic behavior is sport-oriented. 


    Lamborghini Urus is a versatile car in which the latest technologies offer an unparalleled level of everyday usability. It is set up with the latest safety and driving technology systems that can be tailored to different customers’ needs. Urus is easy and safe to drive: it ensures maximum comfort and safety at 360° for city driving and long trips. An array of features makes the drive very comfortable, and great attention has been given also to the rear passengers’ comfort. There are three ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) packages: “Urban Road”, "Full ADAS"  and “Highway”. They contain new, innovative and intelligent assistance and safety systems enabled to suit individual driving preferences. 


    What really makes Urus a true Lamborghini is the electronic platform that controls the systems and radically transforms its dynamic behavior, taking the driver experience to another level. The ANIMA Selector is the secret of Lamborghini driving dynamics, the key command to choose the desired setup. The vehicle adapts according to the driving mode selected. There are three on-road modes: STRADA for easiness of driving, comfort and safety; SPORT for agility, responsiveness and fun to drive; CORSA for precision and maximum performance. The three off-road modes enhance the Urus performance even more: NEVE ensures ease and safety even on slippery surfaces; TERRA ensures comfort and ease in off-road conditions; SABBIA is perfect for sandy surfaces. Finally, the EGO mode enables the driver to redefine the vehicle’s dynamics according to preferences and needs in terms of steering, suspension and traction.


    Lamborghini Infotainment System III (LIS III) provides astonishing technological comfort including two intuitive touchscreens with haptic feedback, interactive voice commands and a total of three innovative high-definition displays. In the cockpit, their representations and icons change according to each driving mode selection. A high quality of usability is also guaranteed by an up-to-date multi-connection concept, which improves safety and entertainment. 
    One of the most innovative contents is the advanced “Bang & Olufsen Sound System” with cutting-edge 3D sound technology that ensures unmatched listening experience and powerful sound in the entire car - delivered through 21 loudspeakers and a power output of 1700 Watts.


    Urus is equipped with state-of-the-art of vehicle dynamics technology and features excellent adaptive technologies for every situation and road condition: 4-wheel drive system with active rear torque vectoring, 4-wheel steering, adaptive air suspension, electromechanical active roll stabilization system with continuous and immediate response and CCB (Carbon Ceramic Brakes), offering the best braking performance in the SUV segment. This unique technical package is fully managed by the ANIMA Selector and gives Urus the outstanding driving dynamics and handling of a pure Lamborghini.

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Technical specifications

    • Number of cylinders



      3,996 cm3 (243.85 cu in)


      86 x 86 mm (3.39 X 3.39 in)

    • MAX. POWER

      650 CV (478 kW) @ 6,000 rpm


      850 Nm (626,93 lb.-ft.) @ 2,250-4,500 rpm

    • Maximum engine speed

      6,800 rpm


      Four-wheel drive with limited slip central differential and asymmetric/dynamic torque distribution (Torsen-type)

    • MAX. SPEED

      305 km/h

    • ACCELERATION 0-100 KM/H (0-62 MPH)

      3.6 s

    • ACCELERATION 0-200 KM/H (0-124 MPH)

      12.8 s

    • BRAKING 100-0 KM/H (62-0 MPH)

      33.7 m


      9.5Jx21" ET28


      10.5Jx21" ET18


      285/45 ZR21

    • TIRES - REAR

      315/40 ZR21

    • BRAKES

      Front aluminium 10 piston brake calipers. Single-piston rear calipers.


      Carbon-ceramic brakes – diameter: 440 mm (17.32 in) and thickness: 40 mm (1.57 in)


      Carbon-ceramic brakes – diameter: 370 mm (14.57 in) and thickness: 30 mm (1.18 in)

    • Curb weight (DIN-CURB)

      <2,200 kg (<4,850 lb)

    • LENGTH

      5,112 mm (201.26 in)


      2,016 mm (79.37 in)


      2,181 mm (85.87 in)

    • HEIGHT

      1638 mm (64.5 in)


      3,003 mm (118.23 in)

    • Luggage compartment volume (front)

      5 seats: 616 l (21.75 cu. ft. ) - 4 seats: 574 l (20.27 cu.ft.)

    • Fuel tank capacity/reserve

      75 and 85 l (19.81 or 22.45 gal)

    • Urban

      12 mpg

    • Extraurban

      17 mpg

    • Combined

      14 mpg

    • Emission Law

      Reg. USA and Canada