Fuel consumption and emission values of Urus - Fuel consumption combined: 14 mpg

Urus in search of Russia


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Urus is able to spur the Lamborghini driving experience in search of uncontaminated lands and views never seen before. The adventure that involved ten Urus vehicles is the debut of the Esperienza Terra program in Russia, in the midst of the spectacular hills of the Altai Republic. 

The 800 km characterized by mountain passes, picturesque ravines, motorways and off-road routes put the incredible versatility of the Super SUV to the test. During the adventure, the ten Urus cars proved their extreme agility by passing Katu Yaryk, one of the most difficult passages in the world distinguished by a tortuous road with a 35-degree gradient.

Before reaching the finish line on Lake Teletskoye, a UNESCO world heritage site, participants had the chance to take full advantage of the Urus’ 650 HP twin-turbocharged V8 engine and the outstanding performance of the ANIMA selector that adapts the car’s performance in the TERRA, SPORT and STRADA modes in order to best cope with any surface.

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