“The Italian Job”’s Miura is found and certified by Polo Storico


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Lamborghini Polo Storico discovered the most pursued Miura in recent decades and certified that the Miura P400 with chassis #3586 was the one used in the action movie “The Italian Job” of 1969.

In the plot, this Italian beauty is destroyed, but it obviously wouldn’t have been possible to do so with what was the most desired car of the moment, so Paramount decided to use a “double”, an identical crashed Miura, just for shooting the accident. A few years after the release of the film, a hunt began to find the intact car used in the opening scene. This involved enthusiasts and collectors around the world, in a quest with numerous yet sometimes conflicting clues, until only recently, when the current owner of the historic model The Kaiser Collection of Vaduz (Liechtenstein) decided to consult Lamborghini Polo Storico in an attempt to once and for all see the last of this endless search, and sent the car to Sant’Agata Bolognese.

Polo Storico started to reconstruct the vicissitudes from its documentation archives and from thorough car examinations, as well as by getting in touch with former employees such as Enzo Moruzzi, who delivered the car to the set and drove it in all the shots as a stunt double. This made it possible to certify that this Miura P400, chassis #3586, was exactly the one used to shoot “The Italian Job”. This recognition amazingly comes at the same time as the 50th anniversary celebrations of the movie, released in June 1969.

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