Fuel consumption and emission values of Urus - Fuel consumption combined: 14 mpg

Olympic and World Ski Champion Tomba challenges Urus


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What happens when an Olympic and World Ski Champion gets behind the wheel of the Urus on the snowy Dolomites?
We are treated to a thrilling challenge between two masters of performance in a breath-taking setting.

The Urus lifestyle is devoted to adventure: skis in the luggage compartment, NEVE mode engaged, and you are immediately ready to take on the toughest mountain passes and experience untold levels of excitement. Alberto Tomba, two-time Olympic and World Ski Champion, is right at home in this environment, and no one knows better the slopes on which to put Lamborghini’s new Super SUV through its paces. So, between runs, he does not pass up the chance to put the Urus’s 650 CV engine and its Off-road package to the test by climbing the steep slopes of the Fassa Valley in the Dolomites.

The Urus does not go unnoticed even by the children taking skiing lessons, who ask the champion for a trip in the car of their dreams – with seat belts firmly buckled, of course! But no distractions are permitted – while Alberto grants a selfie to his admirers, Chairman & CEO Stefano Domenicali then puts him to the test on a never-before-seen slalom course! Who will win the challenge? Find out in the videos Urus & Tomba - Masters of Performances…