Nigel Walker – A Cross Country SV Journey


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In the 1970s and 80s, British teenagers idolized car culture. It was a reverence, played out on bedroom wall posters and in hypothetical banter. Similarly, it was a time when the supercar was coming of age, notably; when the original supercar, the Lamborghini Miura, had just paved the way for the ultimate poster icon, the Countach. 

Nigel Walker was one such British teen. With his early appreciation for lines and angles, and a love for extreme looks and extreme pace, it’s no surprise that a Countach poster adorned young Walker’s wall, and that a collection of Lamborghini models have occupied his garage since. As he moved on from school to design college, his early cars were not extravagant ones, but he ensured each one spoke beyond its emblem by modifying it to be as extreme and fast as it could possibly be. 

For Walker, Lamborghini ownership began in 2008 in New York City. Two weeks before his second child was due to be born, he took his first step inside the Lamborghini Manhattan dealership. Shortly after, Walker was at the helm of a new 2008 Gallardo Superleggera.

The arresting, sharp lines of the Gallardo suited him perfectly. His business’ branding was orange – as was the car – and he’d built a business brand based on bold statements and extreme visual impact that made people take notice. He recalls, “The Gallardo had beautiful lines – it was a real head turner – and it had amazing acceleration and braking. The car was tight to the ground and raw.” It cemented his passion for the brand.

A second Gallardo later, Walker was fully immersed in the Lamborghini brand experience. His wardrobe progressively consisted of Lamborghini branded clothing and accessories. As did his wife’s and children’s on certain occasions. And he made a pilgrimage to the Sant’Agata factory and museum to see the cars being built and soak up more of the company’s brand and history. It became an all-encompassing passion that has only grown with time. 

For his third model, the bigger V12 car beckoned his name. He ordered a 2014 Aventador LP700-4 Coupé in his trademark orange. “The V12 was a completely different experience…the human reaction time seemed 100% different. It seemed more powerful than I could handle as you dropped the hammer on a hairpin.”

During this time, Walker’s biotech agency was approaching its 20th anniversary and he wanted to mark this milestone with a promotion by creating a graphic novel based on superhero characters and a transformed Aventador, both in the novel and on the roads. He had the vehicle chrome-wrapped and the wheels powder coated orange. “The car was the same but the impact shot up even further. Suddenly, we had a 200 mph mirror.”

In 2016, he ordered his fourth orange Lamborghini, and his first open top model - an Aventador Superveloce Roadster. Inspired by the interest the predecessor had garnered in marketing and events, Walker pursued bigger ideas. This time, glitter was his choice, so he worked with specialists to manufacture a custom chrome glitter wrap to adorn his new SV. 

With such a rich timeline of ownership, Walker didn’t merely admire his collection from afar, but remained a fervent driver. His next idea for a promotion resurrected another 20-year ambition he had – to drive coast to coast. Planning the epic trip to coordinate with customers and end at an industry trade show, Walker completed a 5,000-mile journey from Boston to Southern California over 12 days this past June. The Aventador Superveloce Roadster performed flawlessly through 114º temperatures in the desert, while navigating unpaved roads, unexpected fans and and performing 2,600 of those miles with the roof off. Walker’s journey led him across 18 states, stopping at iconic landmarks like our nation’s capital in Washington, D.C. and connecting with countless people along the way who fell in love with his car.

During this trip, he experienced the perfect closure to his own epic journey upon arrival at his final destination in San Diego, coming face-to-face with a red Countach 5000 just like the one that had adorned his childhood bedroom wall. Walker’s Lamborghini story had come full circle. 

Today, Walker only sees continued growth with his relationship with the brand. He’s planning another road trip, but this time around Europe to an event in Madrid. He also has his eyes set on developments with the Urus, but that doesn’t mean his admiration of the Aventador is going anywhere anytime soon. It’s a relationship he may never be ready to give up. 

To write your own Lamborghini story, we encourage you to connect with your preferred Authorized Lamborghini Dealership to learn how being part of the Lamborghini family extends far beyond simply owning a car.