The Miura Maggie May Shines Again

5 April 2018

A British aficionado came to pick up his restored classic car, a Miura S, at the Polo Storico last week. Like every Lamborghini, this ageless car has a story to tell.
The first thing to clarify is that we’re not talking about any Miura, but about a very special one. Her name is Maggie May. And yes, the owner refers to this lady as a she.

The story so far

Bought by Rod Stewart on the success wave of his single after which he named her, this timeless right-hand drive icon launched in 1968 and registered in 1971 was born as an exclusive white Miura P400 S. 
With its 370 HP and 3.9 liter V12 rear transversal engine able to guarantee a top speed of 280 km/h, the Miura S is an evolution of the Miura presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1966 that marked a turning point in the automotive world. The first super sports car was born. From that moment on, the Miura set the pace with its revolutionary technology and sensual allure. When it made its debut, it was the fastest car in the world.
The history of this two-seater, boasting an unmistakable design and fascinating eyelashes, does not stop here, nor does the story of Maggie May. 
The final version of the Miura arrived in 1971: the Miura SV. “SV” stands for Super Veloce, and it was animated by an improved 385 HP engine, able to reach a top speed of 290 km/h. This is an evolution worth mentioning. Over the course of its lifetime, Rod’s ride underwent major transformations, so much so that at a certain point it was even transformed into a powerful blue SV version.
Maggie May’s latest and lucky lover, though, preferred her old “dress”: the Miura SV had to be transformed back into a Miura S.

When Maggie May met the Polo Storico

In order to bring the car back to its original shape, last year this Lamborghini enthusiast decided to send it back to its birthplace in Sant’Agata Bolognese and have it restored by the Polo Storico. After a full assessment and detailed quotation, the experts from the House of the Raging Bull agreed to a schedule of works and a consultation program in order to decide on the changes to be made. 
During the eighteen months of the restoration, the customer enjoyed a close involvement in the car’s progress by visiting the workshop regularly. Although reports were also provided, the relationship with Maggie May grew stronger as the enthusiast could follow the restoration process first-hand and talk to the experts of the Polo Storico in order to express his wishes and rely on their suggestions.

The car today

The car progressively returned to its original shape on the basis of archived factory records and research, as well as using the most appropriate craftsmen and suppliers for each element of work. Every detail of the restoration was photographed and recorded, with the full restoration history cataloged in a book that was presented to the owner at handover. This is a very highly valued feature of the restored Lamborghini’s provenance.
Once the full restoration, averaging 2,000 hours of labor, was completed, this masterpiece of style and engineering was unveiled in front of the anticipating eyes of its owner in the Polo Storico facility. 
“The Miura is a car with personality. Maggie May had personality before, but now you have given her beauty and personality,” said the owner in awe. “I’ll drive it to go and get the papers on sunny Sundays.”
Where else would you drive it?

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