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Lamborghini GIRO JAPAN 2017 on Nagoya - Ise Route


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A unique Lamborghini Driving Experience along Ise Bay.
Automobili Lamborghini arrives in the Land of the Rising Sun for its first driving tour in Japan: “Lamborghini GIRO JAPAN 2017 ”.
For the occasion participants drove Lamborghini cars on the driving course between Nagoya and Ise.

One of the most beautiful route along Ise Bay has become the theater in which all the participants enjoyed driving their own Lamborghini for over 350km in two days.

On the first day, in Nagoya and Aoyama, they had a pleasant time in craft experience, and then left for Ise-Shima.

On the second day, the participants went north along the Ise Bay to have a culinary and relaxation experience located in Yunoyama Hot Spring.

During the 2 day tours, at each sightseeing spot around Ise, the herd of the Sant’Agata Bolognese’s bull captured the attention of many pedestrians who could not help but stopped to see the cars running at high speed in fascination.

In August, the Lamborghini GIRO will be held in Osaka and Kobe. Lamborghini plans to continually host the similar tour every year, providing the driving experience in places of scenic beauty in Japan.

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