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Some vehicles are born to be unique and, thanks to a perfect blend of elements from the past and the technologies of the future, reach a level of perfection worthy of a work of art, for an unparalleled driving experience. This is the Aventador J: as unique as the Miura “Jota” from which it takes the ‘J’ of its name, as open as the sports cars of the past and as futuristic as the Aventador that inspired it.

The Jota suffix
In 1970 Lamborghini launched the Miura Jota, a one-off, even sportier version of the Miura it is based upon. That car inspired generations of Miura fans and owners, who adapted their own vehicles to resemble the Jota. Since then, a ‘J’ in the suffixes of Lamborghini car names is synonymous with an extreme sports car. This is the case with the Aventador J, and with the Aventador SVJ.

An Aventador with no windshield
The Aventador J is totally dedicated to the emotion of driving and contact with speed. The absence of structural elements linked to the roof and the use of carbon fibre have reduced the weight of the Aventador J notably, compared to the Aventador LP-700 from which it is derived. Instead of the windshield, two small aerodynamic deflectors reduce, without eliminating, airflow towards the driver and passenger. The driver of this car will be in full contact with the air flow produced by the slender aerodynamics of the vehicle front, as if they were riding an extremely powerful motorbike.

V12 and the vehicle design
The Aventador's 6.5 litre V12 700 horsepower engine takes the J to speeds of over 300 km/h. In this one-off, the exterior and interior of the vehicle are a single entity: a red stripe on the outer bodywork transforms into the dashboard and control panel, to drop down towards the central tunnel and seat backs. The front has been radically redesigned compared to the Aventador, and its large splitter and narrow shape presages the nose of the Aventador SV. Like the rear, it has special carbon winglets designed to increase downforce by deviating air flow. Everything about Jota is synonymous with minimalism and functionality, and has just one aim: to offer an adrenaline-filled driving experience in contact with the surrounding environment.

A unique work of art   
The Aventador J was presented to the world at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. It was produced as a one-off, road-legal roadster and its lucky owners possess a real piece of history: a work of art on wheels that combines the appeal of the past with the thrill of Lamborghini technology.