Estoque: an unprecedented four-door super sports car concept


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Long wheelbase, low profile, broad track, mighty and accentuated wheels, clean surfaces and razor-sharp definition: the lines of iconic Lamborghini Design DNA converge on the surfaces of the Estoque. With its four seats, four doors and ample luggage space, this everyday sports car is a concept specifically created for the 2008 Paris Motor Show to bring a whole new versatility to the brand's DNA, thus providing a clear indication of the future.

With its powerful front mid-engine, permanent all-wheel drive, and sophisticated, precision-tuned chassis, the Estoque boasts a unique technology package. In Paris, it showcased the innovation, creativity and design flair of the Lamborghini brand, at that time represented by the enormous success of the Gallardo and the Murciélago.

Tremendous tension along the flanks, powerful elegance at the rear, and taut muscles merge with precise details, such as the front headlamps, featuring bi-Xenon and LED technology, which carry forward the Y-shape theme, and the hexagonal fuel caps on both sides of the vehicle that characterize the depth of the design language. Despite its extremely low profile, the Estoque offers a surprisingly generous feeling of spaciousness in the luxurious interior.