Fuel consumption and emission values of AVENTADOR S COUPE - Fuel consumption combined: 12 mpg

Aventador S: “Dare your Ego” at high altitude


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Thrilling descents. Snow-covered peaks and sweeping landscapes. This is the scenario of the Valtellina, in the Livigno Alps, that served as the backdrop for an incredible challenge that, once again, means contending with your own Ego.

A duel based on courage, determination, and the desire to push your limits.

The adventure opens with the two protagonists: a skier and an aerobatic pilot. In the midst of spectacular jumps, spins, and manoeuvres, the two rivals face off. But just when it seems that the aero pilot has prevailed, his antagonist abandons his skis and continues aboard the new Aventador S.

The contest takes a new turn, now even more exciting and adrenaline-pumping. The Lamborghini confronts the asphalt of the mountain roads and the snow and ice of a track, relying on its unique technical features.

The two rivals square off with bold steering manoeuvres, swooping descents, nap-of-the-earth flying, and aggressive cornering, while the mountains in all their majesty observe the spectacle.

In the end, the Aventador S gets the best of the plane, which turns away, defeated, towards the horizon.

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