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  • Full screen three-quarter front view of an orange Lamborghini Murciélago parked beside a red brick wall. The overlay reads: Murciélago
Cropped image of the rear end of an orange Lamborghini Murciélago showing a taillight and part of a wheel.

PERFORMANCE Two-seater, two-door coupé based on the typical Lamborghini layout

A mid-mount V-12 engine, the transmission following the manufacturer's typical arrangement with the gearbox located in front of the engine and the rear differential “integrated” in the powertrain, permanent 4WD with a central viscous coupling, which allows for optimum weight distribution with clear positive effects on grip, braking and handling.

Cropped image of the Lamborghini engine with cover.

DESIGN Aerospace influence, efficiency and custom design

The lines of the Murciélago are classic Lamborghini, and its design pays homage to the company's most significant icons. The form of the car contains the architecture, or more precisely the surface structure and the wedge shape of the Countach, the sensuousness of the Miura and the unusual proportions of the Diablo, with its advanced passenger compartment.