Lamborghini People: designing the perfect Lamborghini

8 September 2020

Of Portuguese origin, Nelson sketched a lot as a child. As long as he can remember, he has cultivated a passion for drawing, combined with an interest in cars. 
In 2009, he enrolled in a Master’s program in Transportation Design in Milan, followed by an internship at Lamborghini. Nelson has been working as a designer for our Centro Stile since 2010, member of a young and international team that encourages a continuous development of ideas. His first project regarded the Sesto Elemento, which provided a few ideas for the Huracán. Nelson considers the Countach the most representative vehicle of the Lamborghini brand because its scissor doors have marked the House of the Raging Bull’s DNA since the Seventies. 
Building the perfect Lamborghini means combining a unique design with just as an exclusive technique. Nelson explained that the most creative part of the designer’s job is the sketching phase, but designing a vehicle needs negotiation and collaboration with different departments. All designers have their own personality, and each one draws inspiration from something different while trying to present advanced proposals to give the customer a one-off product. 
What is Lamborghini for Nelson? Lamborghini is more than a brand, more than a company: it is a dream, a global dream for fans around the world. 

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