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The first edition of this year’s Italian Tour has just been completed – a three-day drive through some of Northern Italy’s most enchanting locations on board a Lamborghini. To open the tour, guests were welcomed at a cocktail event held at the Byblos Art Hotel, a classical Italian villa situated on the immediate outskirts of Verona, featuring, amongst other things, a stunning contemporary art collection.  The first stop was the spectacular Lake Garda whose waters mirror the Alps, before reaching the city of love, Verona, with its magnificent squares and the legendary Romeo and Juliet balcony. On the second day, the convoy drove along a charming route through the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, eventually reaching the city of Trento. On the way back to Verona an obligatory stop was made at the Masi winery, one of the most famous producers of Amarone, to taste this unique wine celebrated throughout the world. The landscape and wine-producing farms were also the dominant theme of the third day of the tour, with a route winding its way among the rolling hills of Valpolicella, dotted with vineyards whose fame stretches back to ancient Rome. A celebratory lunch brought to a perfect ending a tour that was thrilling in every sense.

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