Verbrauchs- und Emissionswerte aller Fahrzeuge auf dieser Seite - Kombinierter Verbrauch: 15 - 15 mpg

Huracán EVO Spyder and Coupé on a Road Trip to Tuscany


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Imagine enjoying the driving, sound and thrills of the Huracán EVO in search of Tuscany’s most beautiful scenery. Amidst the ancient atmosphere of its villages and the futuristic lines of the V10 built in Sant’Agata, the contrast between past and present exalts the design of Centro Stile Lamborghini. 

This is the totally Italian experience that two young photographers had on board a Bianco Icarus (white) Huracán EVO Coupé and a stunning Azzurro Airone (blue) Huracán EVO Spyder on their search for the perfect snapshot. Which color would you choose?

Verbrauchs- und Emissionswerte von Huracan Evo - Kombinierter Verbrauch: 15 mpg

Verbrauchs- und Emissionswerte von Huracan Evo Spyder - Kombinierter Verbrauch: 15 mpg