Gallardo days


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On the eve of the revolution that the Urus will represent for Automobili Lamborghini, it is time to pay the due homage to another model that represented a game changer for the Company, with over 14000 vehicles produced and distributed in over 45 Countries worldwide, assuring Automobili Lamborghini the strength and awareness that it can count on today, with the Gallardo representing almost 50% of the Lamborghini currently on the road.

Automobili Lamborghini has designed a specific program for Gallardo, and is pleased to invite its owners for an in-depth complementary check performed by the highly trained and specialized technicians of the official network.

And while the quality of the official service is to be taken for granted, Automobili Lamborghini is not forgetting the racing DNA of the Gallardo, offering the participating customers the chance to write together with Squadra Corse the history of the Brand.

Reserve your own Gallardo Day at your desired official Dealer or Service Point