Battery Maintainer

Your Lamborghini is the perfect car for those great occasions and important moments. That’s why it's so important for it to be ready to go at all times by making sure the battery is always charged.

The Battery Maintainer preserves your battery - during both short and long periods when the vehicle is not being used - by charging it without wearing it out, thus preventing it from discharge by lights, the radio or even the anti-theft system. Also works as a Battery tester.

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The only way to preserve beauty is to protect it. That’s why we developed this kit of great products for taking care of your Lamborghini. We’ve thought of everything. Whatever colors you’ve chosen for the exterior paint and the interior trim, we have what’s right for you and your Huracán.


Automobili Lamborghini knows how to make beautiful Supersport Cars. Accessori Originali knows how to turn beautiful into perfect. This Racing Exhaust System is specifically designed to bring out the best from your Huracán.


Your tires let you unleash the full might of your Lamborghini, but incorrect pressure can cause you to waste power and lose grip. This programmable digital pressure gauge from Accessori Originali lets you keep the pressure of your tires under constant control. You’ll enjoy the highest levels of safety and the full performance that is built into your Lamborghini.


Every detail in your Lamborghini deserves to be properly illuminated. Do it with style. This flashlight, which recharges conveniently from the cigarette lighter 12V socket, gives you a powerful light beam that’s useful in a wide range of different situations and is always close at hand.

Without a doubt, it’s an essential component in your Lamborghini and clearly shows your passion for details.


This Satellite Anti-Theft System from Accessori Originali was specifically developed for your Lamborghini and is completely integrated into the Huracán, so it won't interfere with its sophisticated on-board electrical system.

Its secure, reliable tracking system remotely prevents the engine from starting in case of theft. It’s the most advanced anti-theft system in the world. Give a gift to yourself, and not to a thief.


Accessori Originali is always looking for new ways to let you to customize your Lamborghini. Thanks to this set, the rims on your Huracán will speak for themselves.