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inn tech lp700-4 monocoque 1920x1080

The brand Lamborghini stands for innovations and fascinating technology. One of our areas of expertise is the production of carbon fiber parts. During the process, several layers of carbon fiber are saturated with a special resin. The components then have to harden in an autoclave at high temperatures and under pressure. The process is complex and costly, but it allows the production of extremely robust and light components.

Impressive monocoque

Using carbon fiber reduces the car's overall weight and leads to a stunning performance and improved safety – this is the reason why the Aventador's monocoque is completely made of carbon fiber. After it is finished, aluminum frames, which are used to install components like engine or axles, are attached to its front and rear. These frames contribute to the overall weight reduction.

Thanks to the use of carbon fiber and aluminum, the Aventador is very light and torsion-resistant. You will notice that in every single corner.