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The roof of the Aventador Roadster is like the Roadster itself: a technological milestone. With less than 6 kg each of the roof's halves is extremely light. Our engineers made the inner and the outer layer of High Pressure RTM (resin transfer molding), a process in which synthetic materials are reinforced by carbon fibers. For the roof's reinforcements we relied on Forged Composite®.

The roof is easy to install or remove. If you want to enjoy the maximum Roadster feeling, you can stow away the roof halves under the front cover. The roof has perfect noise insulation. At 90 kph the noise level is 60 db, at 180 kph it is 80 db – equal to the noise level of a running vacuum cleaner or a hair dryer.

Reinforcements for the Roadster

During the Roadster's development, the roof posed a particular challenge for our engineers. Since the torsion resistance decreases if a car has a detachable roof, our technicians had to come up with a clever concept in order to compensate for that reduction. Compared to the coupé they used reinforced carbon fiber fabric and more layers on the certain parts of the car, for example the side skirts or the transmission tunnel.

By integrating these reinforcements, the Roadster only gained 50 kg in weight. Just like its closed-top counterpart, the Aventador Roadster remains an uncompromising driving machine – not only on sunny days.