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Driving Dynamics

During the development of a super sports car, it is crucial to always bear in mind its driving dynamics. No matter how powerful the engine is or how sophisticated the aerodynamics are: there is no driving fun if the car understeers in corners or loses its rear when accelerating. For this reason, the driving dynamics are so important to us.

Our engineers make sure all suspension and drivetrain components are perfectly matched to each other. Thus, the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster is well controllable in all kinds of situations and enables a sportive driving style.

The secret of the suspension

A special suspension system, inspired by motorsports, is used in the Aventador Roadster. On the pushrod suspension with double wishbones a bellcrank is used to actuate the internal, vertically integrated spring and damper unit. This layout reduces the unsprung mass, improves the aerodynamics and leads to direct steering with minimized perturbation.