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Technical Specifications

Chassis and body

Structural aluminium space frame, based on aluminium extruded parts welded to aluminium casted joint elements
Aluminium with thermonplastic "hang on" parts
External mirror with ectrical closing system
Rear spoiler:
Electronically controlled


Double wishbones front and rear suspension system, antiroll bar anti-dive and anti-squat

Tyres and wheels

Full ESP System with ABS, AST and ABD
Power-assisted rack and pinion
Front tires:
Pirelli P ZERO 235/35 ZR 19
Rear tires:
Pirelli P ZERO 295/30 ZR 19
Front wheels:
Aluminium alloy 8,5“x 019“
Rear wheels:
Aluminium alloy 11“x 019“
Curb-to-curb turning circle:
11.5 m (37.7 ft)


Front Dual Stage driver and passenger airbags, side Head-thorax airbag


Steel brakes:
Power vacuum, aluminium alloy callipers: 8 cylinder front callipers and 4 cylinder rear callipers; Ventilated discs (front-rear): ø 365 x 34, front – ø 356 x 32 mm rear.
CCB brakes:
Power vacuum, aluminum alloy callipers: 6 cylinder front callipers and 4 cylinder rear callipers; Ventilated disc (front-rear): ø 380 x 38mm front – ø 356 x 32 mm rear.


10 cylinders V90°, DOHC 4 valves, common-pin crankshaft
5,204 cm³ (317.6
Compression ratio:
12.5 : 1
Maximum power:
560 CV (412 kW) @ 8,000 RPM
Maximum torque:
540 Nm (397 lbft) @ 6,500 RPM
Emission control system:
Catalytic converters with lambda sensors
Cooling system:
Engine and Gearbox radiator. Cooling System Oil: Oil to Water cooler. Cooling System Water: Two water radiators
Engine management system:
Bosch MED 9
Lubrification system:
Dry sump

Fuel consumption *

e-Gear transmission

Urban consumption:
21.0 l/100 km
Extra urban consumption:
10.0 l/100 km
Combined consumption:
14.0 l/100 km
CO2 emission:
351 g/km


Type of transmission:
Permanent 4-wheel drive with viscous traction system
6 Speed + reverse, A optional, robotized sequential e-Gear system with actuation by paddles on the steering column
Double plate ø 215 mm
Front differential:
Slip limitation by ABD function
Rear differential:
45% limited slip


Top speed:
325 km/h (202 mph)
Acceleration 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph):
3.7 s
Acceleration 0-200 km/h (0-124 mph):
11.8 s


2,560 mm (100.79 in)
Overall length:
4,345 mm (171.06 in)
Overall width (excluding mirrors):
1,900 mm (74.80 in)
Overall height:
1,165 mm (45.87 in)
Front track:
1,632 mm (64.25 in)
Rear track:
1,597 mm (62.87 in)
Dry weight:
1,500 kg (3,307 lb)
Weight/Power ratio:
2.68 kg/CV (5.91 lb/CV)
Weight distribution (front - rear):
43 % - 57 %


Fuel tank capacity:
90 l (23.8 gal.)
Engine oil capacity:
10 l (2.6 gal.)
Engine coolant capacity:
20 l (5.3 gal.)
* In accordance with Dir. EC/1999/100