Ground floor of Lamborghini museum

Ground floor


At the entrance you will see the first production model built by Ferruccio Lamborghini in 1964, the 350 GT, besides a 400 GT, as well as the Miura S with its unique central-rear V12 4.0 liter engine and eyelashes, and a late SV (Super Veloce).

The 1968-69 Islero sits alongside the famous Espada, the first Lamborghini saloon car, next to Jarama.

You can also admire the prototype (chassis number 001) of the legendary Countach, the first car breaking the 300 km/h wall, and the exotic Lamborghini LM 002, a unique off-road originally developed for military purposes.

There are also models equipped with the V8 engine: the Urraco and the Silhouette, powered by 2.5 and 3.0 liter engines respectively.

A line-up of reduced scale models of original styling, realized in either wood or plastic materials by various master coachbuilders and designers is also housed on the ground floor.Displayed on the back wall of the same floor, in chronological order, the visitor will find the most significant photographs, depicting the history of Lamborghini from its birth and also the most relevant production cars.

Please note that the museum display may be changed without prior notice.