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Ethic code

The Group to which Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. belongs is an industrial group aware, for size and importance of its activities, to play a significant role in the market, in particular with regard to the staff collaborators of Lamborghini and the people in the community in which Lamborghini is present.

The complexity of the Lamborghini product, the challenges of the competition and the competitiveness together with the need to take into consideration the interests of all legitimate stakeholders in company activities, strengthen the importance of clearly defining the values and responsibilities that Lamborghini recognises, accepts, shares and undertakes, contributing to build a way of doing business which is better for all, collaborators, directors and stakeholders.

For this reason it has been drafted an Ethic Code, whose compliance is of paramount importance - also pursuant to the consequences of laws and contractual provisions governing the employment relationship with the Company‘s efficiency, reliability and reputation, factors that are crucial for success and for the improvement of the social context in which Lamborghini operates.


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