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Samsung and Lamborghini come together to create the first virtual driving experience

Geneva, March 5, 2015 - The best of Samsung Gear VR and Lamborghini Huracán innovation will be accompanying Geneva International Motor Show 2015 visitors to a driving experience that will immerse them in a totally different virtual reality dimension, one where they can enjoy the thrill of speed and fulfil the dream of being a racing driver in a unique and unforgettable way.

With Samsung Gear VR visitors to the Geneva International Motor Show will be transported into a sure-fire, exhilarating dimension which will make them feel as if they are really driving the Lamborghini supercar, immersed in the sounds, colours and images as if it were the real thing. 

By getting into the car and putting on the Samsung Gear VR headset visor with Oculus technology, you can go on a virtual trip and experience the incredible sensation of driving a Huracán. 

The first of the unique and unforgettable experiences with which Samsung Gear VR and Lamborghini Huracán will amaze car enthusiasts is Sport, a route full of bends along the cliff edge of the Amalfi Coast.  Other exciting contents will then be made available: Strada (Road), a journey to discover the wonders of the town of Amalfi, and Corsa (Race) to experience the thrill of speed on the Imola racing track and feel like a real professional racing driver. 

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Samsung and Lamborghini come together to create the first virtual driving experience

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