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Espada Bestseller of a whole decade

1968 – At the 1968 Geneva Auto Show company founder Ferruccio Lamborghini presented the four-seater he had demanded in order to expand his lineup of sports cars. Marcello Gandini of Bertone had designed the Espada – a two-door Coupé that offered four comfortable seats and plenty of space for luggage.

With a total number of 1,227 units the Espada became Lamborghini’s bestseller from 1968 to 1978.

Espada A real eye-catcher

1968 – During its ten-year production the Espada received several modifications. While the engine and the interior were changed with each new series, the design of the bodywork remained almost untouched. There just was no need for big redesigns since the Espada was a real eye-catcher right from the start.

Espada Power and comfort

1968 – The Espada could effortlessly reach a maximum speed of 250 km/h. Depending on the version, the 4-liter 12-cylinder engine developed between 325 and 350 HP and was praised equally for its sound and power.

With its large passenger compartment, the spacious trunk and the strong engine the Espada was the embodiment of the Italian Gran Turismo, a luxurious car for grand tours.